6 packs of 1.7 oz Hand Sanitizer have arrived!

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Wanted to let everyone know that we have moved our 1.7 oz Hand Sanitizer 6 packs from the “out of stock” page to the “in stock” page. We still have plenty of wipes; and I am finding them so useful! I keep one of the small packages in my purse (and since I don’t trust the alcohol-based hand sanitizers that the stores provide), I whip out a wipe and run it across the handles of the grocery cart. (So, this means that several people after me are safe too – even though they don’t know it.) Hey, every little bit helps, right?

Stay safe and healthy!



  1. Theresa - Reply


    I love your products and use them exclusively, however, I did get samples of your hand wipes or sanitizer wipes, after reading your packaging, I noticed that they were produced in China. All of your other items have proudly said made in USA…why are the hand wipes made in China, that makes me not feel safe after COVID-19…please explain and make me feel otherwise.

    Also, what is the difference besides size of your 1.7oz hand sanitizer and the new packaging and 6.7 oz size with zestril, is there a difference, is it the same formula and is that one made in China as well.

    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

    • Shane McClanahan - Reply

      When ESC was smaller, all production was originally done in North Carolina and as the volume of the orders increased, the labeling, filling and manufacturing available here in the states was quickly overwhelmed. I am a red-blooded, flag waving American and giving in to ordering from China did not set well with me either. As you probably know, the US didn’t turn over manufacturing to China last year, this issue has been building for decades and I think that this country is finally seeing the many problems that this has left us with. We no longer have control of when and where and it will take a long time to recover the control of our own destiny with manufacturing. I am not going to go into a political discussion, this is just the way things have become. If a US company takes a hard stand and will only make product within the country, the cost basis will overwhelm them very quickly and by comparison, the products would become unaffordable and unable to compete. We have very unique and special products, but it would not do anyone any good to produce perfectly and then fail to survive.
      The primary owner of ESC personally visits the manufacturing site in China at least once quarterly and will only use the facilities with the finest quality and safe production practices. The core, critical ingredient of each product (the Zetrisil) is always made in the US in a very concentrated form and then that 55 gallon drum is flown at great expense to the China facility where it is basically diluted and packaged and labeled

      The wipes were the first product that needed to be produced in the volume that fills shipping containers rather than a few pallets. When the quantities of the plastic bottles went over a certain quantity, it was found that the very high quantities were only available from China and those large volumes were being reserved by China for Chinese factories. Even if the filling capacity were here in the US, it wouldn’t matter, because we could not purchase the plastic containers to fill. During this pandemic, plastic bottles have become very difficult to even find for purchase. The small plastic and aluminum bottles that we sell on the website have basically doubled in price in the last 2 months, IF they are even available.

      The quality of the liquid and gel solutions all contain the key active ingredients that are what is now named Zetrisil and this is the “magic sauce” that makes our products different. We know that everyone is seeing that Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) does not kill Corona viruses as surely as 70% alcohol. What the CDC has not yet done, is publish that Zetrisil is a combination of not the single quantinary (QUATS) ammonium compound of BZK, but has 3 ADDITIONAL QUATS in combination. Since we are the only manufacturer to produce Zetrisil, they would basically have to recommend a specific company to say that Zetrisil is a vastly SUPERIOR Hand Sanitizer, Surface Cleaner, Laundry Sanitizer, Wound Antiseptic that all have persistence between 4-6 hours on skin to over 21 days for surfaces.

      Over the past 5 years, I have seen the liquids all remain under the same patented formula, but with a few changes in non-critical components. These changes include, removal of parabens and silk powder, addition of a 4th Quat from the earlier 3 Quats. And decrease in citronella. The additional Quat helped Zetrisil add C-Difficile to the kill list and to kill Noro even better. I personally miss the citrus aroma of citronella and hope it returns one day. We at APR had mixed feelings about the change in label appearance. We felt that abandoning a well-established look was not a positive, but marketing driven colors and looks won out. The 7.1 oz/207ml bottle has now become 6.7oz/200ml.

      Large quantity batches of product being produced in China right now is just a fact of life and I will be delighted if and when the US cranks up competitive solutions which will allow us to produce these products within our shores. If I didn’t trust the quality and oversight, I would not still be championing these products and standing behind them. My entire life was devoted to medicine before I shifted over to my role to include Hand, Surface and Air disinfection, I added these to make a bigger difference in improving health and lives for us all.

      Best regards, Shane

    • Janet Jackson - Reply

      Teresa – have added the link to the blog page since I forgot to include it in my post. So sorry! You are not the first to have let me know… hopefully, it will stick with me the next time I send out a post. You can always just go to our website at https://aprbiotech.com and click on the menu item at the top that says “Shop” and then select “All Products”. Here’s the direct link to the page showcasing what we have in stock (the 1.7 oz Hand Sanitizer is first on the list, I believe) – https://aprbiotech.com/product-category/allproducts/

  2. Tammy Karcher - Reply

    Could one wipe be used by three individuals? Trying to determine how long a stash of 240 wipes would last my family of 3.

    Also hoping to see the gallon sized hand sanitizer return to stock. Any idea when that might happen? We are longtime users of your product and are down to our last few pumps of hand sanitizer and I don’t trust anything else!

    • admin - Reply

      Hi Tammy – Good questions! We would NOT recommend that you “share” your wipes with others OUTSIDE OF YOUR FAMILY since there is a tiny possibility of cross contamination. That said, since you and your family are in close contact with each other, WE DO recommend that you use the wipe until it is dry. Remember, the wipes have the same high concentration of effectiveness as the Hand Sanitizer foam, so use it, wipe your family’s hands and if it is still wet, wipe a surface nearby. Keep using it until it is dry – the hand sanitizer in the wipe will protect the surfaces just as effectively as the surface cleaner. So, don’t waste a single drop of the wipe – if you used it on your hands, reach out to any other surfaces nearby and disinfect it! It will protect the surface for a minimum of 21 days!

      We are also hoping to see the gallon sized hand sanitizer returned to stock! It is on order, but there are many factors involved in getting our supply restocked to full capacity. In the meantime, we do have a good supply of wipes in stock and since these are so versatile, are hoping people can use these when they travel outside of their homes, inside their homes, with their families and even as described above, on surfaces. Just as info, we also have the 8 oz pumps on order; but at this time, can’t guarantee an arrival date of the gallons or the 8 oz pumps. However, we will post on this forum (and if you are subscribed you will receive an email about the post) just as soon as the products arrive and are posted on our website.


      • Tammy Karcher - Reply

        Thanks for the reply! Since we are nearly out, I already proceeded with ordering the 1.7 bottles. We also ordered the wipes and are looking forward to using them! Thanks for the detailed response, and we will definitely order the gallon size next time!

        • Janet Jackson - Reply

          You are most welcome! Please keep you and your family safe and healthy!

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