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1. Some places are just "germier" than others. Which place gives you the most fear that you'll get sick?

2. Sometimes public bathrooms are unavoidable. Or are they? How do you feel about using public bathrooms?

3. It's the great American past time - dining out. We all do it, to some degree, right? Whether it's fast food or gourmet dining, there are always risks of contacting germs. When eating out, you…

4. Shaking hands is our way of saying "hello" and "welcome". But some of us are more comfortable with that practice than others. What do you do after you shake someone's hand?

5. Brushing your teeth is really important for so many reasons. But now you've found yourself without your toothbrush... Would you use somebody else's toothbrush?

6. How often do you wash your hands?

7. With whom would you share your drink?

8. You've just been on a shopping spree and you can't wait to wear your new clothes. So you...

9. You are on a cruise and you know that one of the germiest places on board is the casino – but you enjoy an evening of gambling. You:

10. You are travelling on business or pleasure and are staying at a nice hotel. You always...