Airborne Pathogen Disinfection Systems Installation

Installations of the Airborne Pathogen Disinfection Systems will begin soon.

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Environmental pathogen infection prevention and control for agriculture and the food industries. For over a decade the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has urged a protocol of hand washing in both the healthcare and public sectors.  Yet no one has properly discussed the washing of  indoor air  until now.  APR BIO-Tech is  pleased to announce the  launch of an Airborne Pathogen Disinfection System (APDS) that scrubs the air free of airborne and surface pathogens.  Bacteria, mold spores, and virus are captured and removed from the air and surfaces by a complex  computational fluid dynamics algorithm transformed through nanotechnological engineering into an IoT system that creates a web of recirculating air when installed  in any interior space.  The system then scrubs this captured air free of mold spores and pathogens, while diluting carbon dioxide so that the result is a blend of cleaner, fresher air  being constantly regenerated within the interior space.

The outcome is that  the APDS resolves many asthma triggers, dilutes carbon dioxide, removes mold spores, and provides infectious disease prevention and control for animals and humans, all simultaneously.  Infinitely scale-able, APDS can operate 24/7/365 in most settings.  The installed space may be a single room, a group of rooms, your home, hospital, an office tower or a school.  Imagine bacteria and virus FREE air circulating through your home, hospital or school  with CO2 and freshness managed by a device with the health of all living occupants  as its primary goal.

  • APDS is green as it will save energy and will become LEED and FDA certified.
  • Multiple IoT models of the AP Disinfection Systems will become available as well. .
  • Provides compliance for the FSMA – FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT.

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