ATTENTION all Flu-Fighters!

Coming tomorrow, we will start a 10% sale on the entire APR Biotech website liquid products! We have already started this year’s Flu Season and all Flu-Fighters need to step up our daily levels of protection. Hands remain the number 1 source of harmful germ transmission from our environments into our bodies where they can wreak the most havoc. we rarely lick our environment, but our fingers handle much of what ends up touching our nose or mouth. With alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, we know that the moment it has dried, it has completely finished with all the benefit that it will ever have killing germs on your hands!

my-shield Hand Sanitizer bonds to the surface of your skin and keeps killing germs for the next 4 hours of your contact with the environment… germy surfaces, germy people, germy noses, coughs and sneezes. Our products are priced to allow our customers to build a supply of durable foamers of different sizes and then refill them over and over from more economical bulk refill sizes.

We have just released our Surface Sanitizer and now have our powerful Hospital Grade Cleaner for those extra germy locations like commercial health settings and rehab facilities.  Order tomorrow for best savings.

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  1. John V Fildes - Reply

    Any update on when surface cleaner will be available again? Thanks.

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