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Holiday Sale Starts Now! Get Your Free Gift!

As promised, those of you whom have signed up for our blog are the first to be notified of our big “holiday sale”.  Soon we will be sending out our email blast to all of our customers, but wanted you to have first crack at our sales, because there are some excellent deals to be had this holiday season! Please check our sales page for all the specials and fill your cart with anything on our site – regular merchandise and sales merchandise.   Our sales page has some amazing savings for…

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Q&A with Shane


According to the CDC, elementary kids get eight to 12 colds or cases of the flu every school year. Older kids get about half as many. Teachers and parents commonly refer to it as the Back-to-School Plague. How to prevent the “back to school” plague? Pay special attention to these four things: • Sleep • Regular exercise • A healthy diet • Hand-washing Common sense, right? Here are the specifics: Sleep – The CDC recommends that school-age children get 10 to 11 hours of sleep every night. Anything below that…

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The Germiest Places at School and What You Can Do to Keep Your Kids Healthy (FIGHT BACK!)

Education is important! So, we look forward to sending our kids back to school to receive that all-important, life-enhancing education. We all know this; and we all know that sending your kids back to school increases the risk of their exposure to germs. At best, those germs may cause a mild cold or a bit of discomfort; but at worst, those germs can lead to some dangerous issues that could compromise the health and well-being of your child and family. We’re here to help! So, think about education in two…

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Hands Q&A with Shane

BACK TO SCHOOL – Need a Handwashing Poster?

For those of you anxiously awaiting the start of our “Back to School” blog series next week (and we thank you for subscribing to our blog), we thought we’d send out a few ideas to help jump-start getting your kids ready to go “Back to School”. Did you know that the CDC reports that elementary school aged kids get 8 to 12 colds and/or cases of the flu every year? The best defense? Hand washing (with “my-shield” foaming soap, of course), sleep, regular exercise and a healthy diet. A squirt…

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Free Products with Good Info!

If you haven’t already signed up for our blog, visit our Home Page and scroll down to subscribe. Once you’ve confirmed, we’ll send you a coupon for a free 8 oz bottle of Hand Sanitizer and 2 small plastic refill bottles to be included with your next order. That’s a $15 value for priceless protection! Sign up now! (Coupon expires 12/31/18.)

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Presidential Award Nominee Credits “MY-SHIELD” for a Healthy Flu-free School Year.

USING “MY-SHIELD” HAND SANITIZER MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! The incredible facts are that Ms. Rossberg has been teaching for 23 years and this is the FIRST year Ms. Rossberg had ZERO sick days due to the FLU, STREP, or STOMACH VIRUS.  Out of 4 teachers in her grade level, 3 were out with the flu or other illnesses. Not Wendy. Approximately 50% of her students were out sick as well.  Wendy firmly believes the only difference that kept her healthy was that this year, she had on her desk and USED…

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Q&A with Shane – have a Question? Want to discuss something? Let’s talk!

  My name is Shane McClanahan.  If you’ve emailed a question in the past, then we’ve probably already met. Going forward,  I’d love to field your questions on a live forum – so, here’s the place to have that discussion.  At the same time, if you’re more comfortable sending me an email with a question, or filling out a contact form, please feel free to do that also!  It’s all about communication, right? So, talk to me… we love our products and we think you will too.  There’s just nothing…

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Q&A with Shane

APR Bio-Tech, new website, new blogs

Hi, this is Shane and I would like to welcome everyone to our new website and to the new blog that I will be monitoring.  APRB is a relatively young LLC that focuses on controlling, removing pathogens and protecting our Air, Surfaces & Hands, as a Trilogy of protection.  All of our products are innovative and in many ways unequaled.  The website is designed to be a destination to improve understanding of these problems and the solutions that we have brought together.  I am a practicing Primary Care / Geriatric Physician…

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How Dirty is Money?

Public Health Dirty Money: A Microbial Jungle Thrives In Your Wallet Updated April 24, 20147:23 AM ET Published April 23, 20147:40 AM ET Michaeleen Doucleff You may have heard that dollar bills harbor trace amounts of drugs. But those greenbacks in your wallet are hiding far more than cocaine and the flu. They’re teeming with life. Each dollar bill carries about 3,000 types of bacteria on its surface, scientists have found. Most are harmless. But cash also has DNA from drug resistant microbes. And your wad of dough may even…

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Airborne Pathogen Disinfection Systems Installation

Installations of the Airborne Pathogen Disinfection Systems will begin soon. Email kylerl@aprbiotech.com for detailed information.   Environmental pathogen infection prevention and control for agriculture and the food industries. For over a decade the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has urged a protocol of hand washing in both the healthcare and public sectors.  Yet no one has properly discussed the washing of  indoor air  until now.  APR BIO-Tech is  pleased to announce the  launch of an Airborne Pathogen Disinfection System (APDS) that scrubs the air free of airborne and surface pathogens.  Bacteria,…

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Doctors warn that more children are getting drunk on hand sanitizer Posted 1:30 PM, September 14, 2015, by CNN ATLANTA

CNN.com reported that Nhaijah Russell’s parents had no idea what was wrong with their daughter when she was rushed to an emergency room from school. The 6 year old was slurring her words and was unable to walk. Doctors soon learned that Russell had swallowed three to four squirts of liquid hand sanitizer at school. She said that it tasted like strawberries, but she had no idea it contained enough alcohol to make her dangerously drunk. Since 2010, poison control center hotlines across the United States have seen a nearly…

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