Superbugs Killed Everywhere!

CADS, a patented aerobiological disinfection unit, creates a web of recirculating air to kill superbugs in any indoor spaces. Indoor air everywhere can contain billions of nanoscopic bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens that trigger asthma, infectious disease and mold-related illness. CADS deactivates airborne pathogen’s DNA through a process known as photodimerization. This opens existing DNA bonds and induces the formation of covalent linkages, by reactions, with neighboring molecules. This creates premutagenic lesions that alter the structure of DNA which stops pathogenic replication. The result is pure air 24/7/365.

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CO₂ Dilution and Energy Efficiencies that add value:
CADS is green as it saves energy and lowers CO₂ in any indoor space through a process of dilution. CADS' powerful pathogen removal process mixes the air, producing continuous, well-blended air. This action lowers CO₂ levels and keeps interior temperatures constant longer than normal. The result is both lower levels of human generated CO₂ and a longer stop time in the stop/start sequence of indoor environmental systems, hence generating important energy savings.

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CADS washes the air everywhere by killing airborne and surface pathogens at home, office and in schools. Delivery of that pure air is all important so in addition to conventional supply and return ducts other methods can be utilized. Fabric duct as shown in the picture above (right) can be retrofitted anywhere it may be difficult to get to.

DAD or Dynamic Air Diffusion is another very creative way to distribute CADS' pure air. Pathogens survive and thrive ONLY where allowed. Great diffusion does NOT allow that to happen.

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CADS will greatly contribute to compliance of FSMA -- FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.
FSMA affects millions of American businesses, farms and individuals. This Federal Act covers the entire food chain from the raising of animals to the seeds farms use in growing crops to the distribution, processing, and even the consumption of food. It extends to healthcare and restaurants.

See this release from the FDA website.

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(Food Safety Modernization Act)

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CADS will greatly boost efficiencies of installed UV systems across the entire spectrum of healthcare facilities. CADS will provide an important solution to the reduction of nosocomial infections.
CADS' ability to kill many harmful asthma triggers and provide increased safety and comfort for the immunocompromised will create the first major breakthrough in patient care in decades. Many locations beyond healthcare like fitness clubs, homes, offices, restaurants and schools can enjoy pathogen free indoor air. Also, click here to see Nosocomial Disinfection Rates for CADS *

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Many CADS models will communicate with the Cloud. Opportunities to collect and archive data and run analysis on the fly become reality.


A One Health approach is important because 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases in humans are spread from animals. These diseases are known as zoonotic diseases¹. CADS will provide One Health¹ support to humans and animals. There are many examples that show how the health of people is related to the health of animals and the environment. Please click here to go to these CDC pages .

Also, click here to see Nosocomial Disinfection Rates for CADS *

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Scroll through our presentation on CADS (Continuous Air Disinfection System) to understand why we claim you can have clean air 24/7/365. By clean, we mean a 99.9999% reduction of many bacteria, mold spores and viruses. If you need more scientific proof, we’ve got that too! Visit our SCIENCE PAGE for the many studies that support our claims!

Using nanotechnology to wash the AIR

The CADS does what hospitals have needed for years – a way to continuously disinfect the air. Healthcare, for over 60 years, has used UV-C light successfully to clean air, devices and surfaces but need to remove humans from the space first because we cannot tolerate the direct exposure. When the treatment ends and humans return, their presence quickly pollutes the air with harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

The CADS brings the air in the room to the system, disinfects it, returns it to the space and continues circulating and washing it 24/7/365. This keeps everyone – workers, patients, visitors and even the infrastructure itself safe from airborne bacteria, mold and virus. It also supercharges the effect of any installed UVC system when it operates without humans present.

Scientific research confirms 99.9999% reductions of many bacteria, mold spores, and virus from the air processed through the CADS on the first pass. Since CADS runs 24/7/365, the washing continues.

The washing of the air does NOT start and stop with hospitals.

Please think about the following uses and how much washed air can actually help humanity.

  • CADS in the home could positively change the quality of life of many asthmatics, immunocompromised and transplant individuals. Also fewer airborne germs means reduced or even no cases of flu or anything else, for that matter.
  • CADS in the doctors or dentists offices will mean greatly reduced office acquired infections.
  • CADS in colleges and schools—well—just think about that for a moment.
  • CADS in sports locker rooms – public and private means reduced MRSA and many other publicly acquired infections.
  • CADS in your office; or for that matter CADS anywhere, anytime and for anyone, will most definitely reduce airborne and surface pathogens that cause hundreds of different kinds and types of animal and human infections.

For Questions or More Information about CADS Sales, Services, or Installation
Please Contact: Kyler Lunman, APR Bio-tech, LLC
PH: 732 895-9233

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