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Hi, this is Shane and I would like to welcome everyone to our new website and to the new blog that I will be monitoring.  APRB is a relatively young LLC that focuses on controlling, removing pathogens and protecting our Air, Surfaces & Hands, as a Trilogy of protection.  All of our products are innovative and in many ways unequaled.  The website is designed to be a destination to improve understanding of these problems and the solutions that we have brought together.  I am a practicing Primary Care / Geriatric Physician Assistant who sees my patients via Housecall.  My remote training was as a Paramedic / Firefighter in Okaloosa and Escambia Counties Emergency Medical Services and have been a PA for the past 34 years.  I have observed the impact of harmful pathogens on a number of fronts through my decades.

We welcome your questions and discussions of any related topic and I will address what I can and bring my partner in on the discussions that he is strongest in.  His name is Kyler who is extremely knowledgeable about Air Scrubbing and disinfection with our very unique device.  This device utilizes UV-C light energy and operates in an OCCUPIED room, working continuously around the clock to eliminate airborne, suspended, and infecting organisms that gradually settle onto surfaces.  The device is known by a few names such as APR-Air, APR-Air Disinfection and is affectionally called the Spider for reasons we can explain later.  The device is actually patented as an algorithm that has been carefully designed and defined to involve a blend of UV-C light energy, fluence, dwell time, the velocity of the pathogen-laden air and exposure for adequate disruption.  Because the patent is for the algorithm, it represents an infinite number of environments sizes, from a small sickroom, to the cabin of a Boing 747, to the office skyscraper, to the patient compartment on an ambulance transporting a patient with a deadly pathogen.

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