New Gallon Sized Hand Sanitizer Gel – My-Shield Gel can be used as a refill for the Foam Pump Hand Sanitizer you’ve come to know and trust – the pumps won’t clog and the result is a smooth and luxurious foam-like gel that offers the same protection as our foaming product. Only available in Gallon Size at this time.


Stay safe and be healthy!


  1. Jim - Reply

    The particles seem to settle out of the regular hand sanitizer over time. When I start using a new bottle or I see particles start to accumulate on the bottom of the pump bottle, I pour it through a coffee filter. Work great!

    • Shane McClanahan - Reply

      Hi Jim,
      The particles that you describe sometimes occur in a batch where not quite all of the “actives” available are heated into solution. This simply means that the maximum actives are in solution at that point in time. The sediment is not harmful unless it is think enough to clog a former. You can either filter it away or give the container a quick shake or flip to stir it back into the liquid. There will always be at least a small amount of actives left over in order to be sure the solution is at maximum effective strength.
      Best, Shane

  2. Trudy - Reply

    Sadly, I spent over a hundred dollars for a gallon of the foaming sanitizer just at the beginning of the “pandemic” and bought several pumps, only to have each one gum up after a couple uses. No amount of straining helped. I have a gallon of great stuff that I can’t use. It’s a shame there wasn’t a gel or liquid then. Not sure what to do with the gallon of junk. And I really believe in your product, just can’t throw away money and I’m afraid to spend more.

  3. Joel Catz - Reply

    The gel formula works great. It makes me feel like I have an added protected coat to my hands. Excellent product!! Thanks Shane!

  4. Shane McClanahan - Reply

    Hi Thuy,
    I am sorry that I missed these questions earlier. We will be getting the LIQUID Hand Sanitizer back in stock, but right now, we have a huge amount of the GEL formulation available. Unfortunately, it came to us before gel dispensing bottles became available to us. We will be getting more of both gel and liquid HS small bottles and the gel will fill either bottle. The liquid HS will work well in the current foamers, but may be a little too thin to refill a gel bottle that is not a foamer because of the thinner consistency. About 5 years ago when I first tried a sample of the GEL, I didn’t like it at all. Now that I have tried the gel formula of today, I actually like it better then the liquid or foam. When you first apply the gel it is incredibly slippery like you just poured KY or thin 3 in 1 oil inn your hand. As you rub it in, it dries faster than the foam and the moist sticky feeling before it dries is much more brief. Let me know how you like it.
    Best, Shane

    • Thuy Doan - Reply

      Thank you for your always thoughtful and helpful responses, Shane! Do both gel and foaming liquid have the same shelf life, and does a gallon of the gel go as far as the liquid in terms of numbers of uses?

  5. Thuy Doan - Reply

    Will you also be getting your regular foaming Hand Sanitizer liquid back in stock, or is this gel replacing the liquid? What’s the advantage of gel over liquid or vice versa?

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