Family 6 pack “my-shield” Hand Sanitizer – 1.7 oz., 8.0 oz. and Foam Pump Soap

$39.99 $35.99

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY – SALE PRICED to introduce our new Foaming Pump Hand Soap!

The best of all worlds!  Our “my-shield” in 200ml sized bottle and two 50ml pocket/purse sized bottles of our “my-shield” hand sanitizer FOAM bundled together to save you money with 2 bottles “my-shield” foam pump soap. The combination of the Foam Soap and the Hand Sanitizer greatly enhances the effectiveness of the protection to your hands and skin. This long-lasting protection is attributed to the bond formed between it and your skin. One pump from our hand sanitizer really can kill germs and then protect for hours. The purse/pocket sized container can be refilled from any larger container. Bottle can be refilled many times from a more cost-effective size (gallon or bag).


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