Q&A about Surface Cleaner from Jen

The question below was submitted by email by Jen asking about Granite Counters.  It is a great question that I will bring into the blog section for everyone to learn from.

Q: Is the Surface Cleaner safe to use on Granite counter tops?

A: Yes, Jen, it is absolutely safe to use on Granite or any other solid surface counter top.  We have tested our products on every surface that we can think of including unfinished wood, fabric, plastics, metals, composite solids with concrete or resins.  On all surfaces that can be completely wet and allowed to dry, the Surface Cleaner (SC) leaves behind a protective film that will keep killing germs for 21 days!  We do not expect to convince any homeowner to only clean a countertop every 3 weeks, so we are suggesting that you pick one day a week to apply the SC, knowing that you are applying triple the minimum amount of coverage that gets small areas that are missed the first time and places a fresh kill coat on top of what is still working.

Thanks Jen for asking this great question and we invite everyone to submit their questions as a comment at the bottom of the Blog Page.


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